Christmas 2021 gift ideas for tweens and teens

We all know that tweens and teens are awkward, irritating and they think they are better than adults. Just mine? I am kidding, sort of. This list of gift ideas will hopefully get them off their devices and interacting in the real world. If not with us then at least with something other than TikTok.

If they are interested in engineering then the Geomag Mechanics range is perfect. This Mechanics Gravity race track creates a small yet satisfying circuit set with just enough physics to pass as fun without being too educational.

Getting them to play family games can be tricky but with these 8 Christmas games in one box from Cheatwell, they are bound to find some festive fun to be had.

Making their accessories look cool and stand out will put you in their good books and this super cute Stitch Airpods case is ideal. There are loads of different designs to choose from so you can find their favourite character.

Chimp! from Cheatwell, is a great word definitions game where the deviousness of teens could be to their advantage as they trick the other players with some dastardly definitions.

Forget Rubik’s cube, Nexcube is the world record-setting brand. Described by my tween as smoother than other ones they have tried it has a great movement that cube solving fanatics with love and if they haven’t caught on to the trend yet then get them watching some cube solving tiktoks for inspiration.

Teens love to prove that they are smart so what better gift than the IQ puzzler pro. I got this from Wicked Uncle and what although these puzzles start of at a beginner level they soon power up and will have them baffled. This is a great 1 player puzzle game to keep them occupied for hours.