How to choose a wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress is an important part of a bride’s big day because it’s one of the most important purchases a woman will make in her life.

In addition, choosing and then buying a stylish wedding dress is also one of the most exciting purchases a bride can make and many of them have been planning and dreaming for their big day over many years.

For this reason, designer wedding dresses are extremely popular though they can cost slightly more but for someone wanting to create a lasting impression in a gown they will probably only wear once, this will be money well spent.

Also, the wedding dress will need to suit the occasion as well as its location so whether the bride is looking to make a big impact for a large family wedding or is looking for something that is trendy as well as cutting-edge for a small stylish ceremony, there’s a wide range of wedding dress choice available.

In addition, there’s also a wide range of choice when it comes to the wedding dress budget with prices ranging from £500 to £15,000. For the money, brides can choose contemporary designs featuring delicate lace and ruffles to more romantic and stylish wedding dress designs.

Alongside these, brides can also go down the unconventional wedding dress design route by opting for lacey numbers or embellished minis or they could opt for a strapless gown with a long train.


There’s no doubt that the more traditional long sleeve style wedding dresses can have a subtle fashionable edge such as having an open back dress or an oversized bow detail which will marry the best of both worlds and create the bride’s dream dress.

Fortunately, many brides who begin shopping for a wedding dress already have a style and fashion in mind but it also helps to keep an open mind and try on gowns they would not otherwise be attracted to; this is because with fashions changing, a designer or dressmaker may unexpectedly deliver ‘the one’.


For instance, so-called BoHo brides have a growing choice of unconventional wedding dresses to choose from but some of these cutting-edge fashions may deliver something unique and eye-catching that a bride may not otherwise look at.

In addition, there is a growing number of new designers who are creating wedding dresses that are not only on-trend but really use contemporary fabrics and dramatic shapes to create a gown that will create the best impression on a bride’s big day.