Child’s play cleaning — 5 easy tips for a tidy family home

There’s much more to life than keeping a house in immaculate condition, even extreme clean freaks understand that priorities shift in a busy household shared by adults, kids and pets. That said, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your home reasonably neat especially with a few time-saving techniques. If you want a cleaning regime that’s child’s play here are five easy tips for a tidy family home.

1. Carpet sweeper

Getting the vacuum out every time crumbs or dirt are spilt on your floors becomes a pain when you’re busy — and if you’re house-proud, the chances are that you won’t be able to stop yourself giving the entire house a going-over. But cordless carpet sweepers from Bissell are light and convenient to use for picking up debris on any type of flooring which makes cleaning child’s play. Electric models provide additional power, but durable non-electric versions handle most domestic jobs and come with a lifetime warranty.

2. Guest slippers

Requesting that guests remove their outdoor shoes as they enter your home can become a bit of a social quandary — it feels awkward asking new visitors to comply with your code, but if you don’t, you’ll spend their entire visit worrying about the muck they’re trailing across your carpet. Guest slippers by Heim and Buro are the answer — they come in an attractive plush pouch containing six comfy pairs that make guests feel pampered rather than put out.

3. Door mats

Mats seem like a no-brainer for tidy mums — but it’s surprising how many homes lack this time-tested solution. They should be placed at every external door and internal vestibules and utility room. Door and floor mats from The Mat Factory are functional, attractive and can even be customised — design a few unique versions for your home and preserve your pristine floors.

4. Child-friendly flooring

As well as spilling things more often than adults, kids usually take their first unsteady steps on household floors and then spend countless hours playing on them. So your flooring choice should provide a decent grip, be durable and easy to clean. Child-friendly flooring from Karndean is warm, hygienic and incorporates commercial-grade slip ratings — so you can feel confident that it’s tough enough to cope with the demands of a hectic household.

5. Pet-friendly furniture

Beloved pets take their place at the heart of the family too — but they can be even messier than kids. Unless they’re used to remaining outdoors permanently, their claws, fur, feathers and saliva can ruin home furnishings. But the pet-friendly fabrics of ROM Sofas look stylish, feel smooth and have anti-scratch and anti-static construction  —  so they’ll remain intact and free from hairs from cats, dogs or most other critters.

With a few clever purchases, you can make cleaning child’s play and enjoy your living space rather than be obsessing about it looking perfect — these five easy tips for a tidy family home help you lay the foundation of a stress-free domestic environment.

What are your top tips for a clean home? Share them in the comments section.