Children Spend Less Time Outside than Prison Inmates – its time to change!

Earlier this month Persil released a report that stated that children nowadays spend less time outside than prison inmates which seems absolutely crazy but unfortunately completely believable. To help us change that Persil has sent us a great selection of outdoor toys for us to help get the girls outdoors and away from their ipads a bit more.
Over the next week we will be making sure that we spend time outdoors every single day and I don’t need to worry about whether they get messy or not because along with the outdoor equipment I was also sent a bottle of Persil to ensure that their clothes can get clean no matter what they get up to outside.

The report wasn’t really a surprise for me as after school my girls just want to relax on the sofa or in their bedroom with their laptops or ipads so apart from the breaks they have at school I am not very good at making sure they get outdoors although we are usually out and about at the weekends.

The report commissioned by Persil to celebrate the launch of their Dirt is Good campaign showed that the main barriers include the weather, lack of time and children wanting to stay inside. To help parents get their kids outside Persil has suggested three simple steps
1) go to for ideas on getting out and getting dirty
2) Join the conversation @PersilUK
3) Visit and sign up your child’s school for Empty Classroom Day.

I would also recommend visiting sites such as the National Trust 50 Things to do before you are 11 and 3/4 which is a great place to get some ideas on activities you can do or just dust of your bikes or head to your local park.

I will be sharing our outdoor adventures with you soon!