Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas – Do you have a superhero in your freezer?

Do you have a food item that is your superhero? The one that comes to the rescue when you really can’t be bothered to cook or just don’t have time? Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas are our frozen superhero of choice and they have helped to prevent me reaching for the takeaway menu on quite a few occasions.

Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas are able to be cooked in the microwave in just 4 minutes or they can be oven cooked for extra crispiness. Now I do prefer them fresh out of the oven but the convenience of being able to have a hot cheesy pizza in just a few minutes means that we do end up eating them out of the microwave more often than not.

So exactly when does this little superhero come to the rescue?

After School Snacks

Both of my girls have school dinners and yet some days they come home from school absolutely starving. We tend to eat dinner at around 6pm, so they need a little snack to get them through and half of one of the Four cheese Chicago Town Deep Dish pizzas is perfect.

Quick snack in the office

I am terrible when it comes to taking a break and eating lunch so being able to rustle something up super quick is perfect. My husband also takes these to work for his break as they have a fridge freezer at work. He loves being able to have something warm and filling especially when he is on a late shift.

Half Time treat

I don’t know about you but as soon as that half-time whistle blows my hubby jumps up and heads for the fridge. It doesn’t matter if we had already had dinner or not, he always searches for a snack. He just has time to cook a couple of Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas, pour himself another beer and sit back down to listen to the pundits before the second half kicks off.

Mid Game Snack

Have you ever been so engrossed in your game that even the idea of pausing to go to the bathroom seems like a bit too long? Well, this is where these little superheroes really make a difference. You see my girls have both recently learnt to use the microwave and with a few simple instructions they are able to cook these for me whilst I continue to play my game.

Do you have any other occasions when Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas could come to the rescue for you?