Cheap Date Night at home – Netflix #StreamTeam

As a parent we don’t get to go on date nights so we have to improvise and make a low cost date night at home.

Every now and  then we feed the kids early and get them to go to bed whilst we focus on being grown ups. 

It does take a little bit of preparation to pull of this sort of evening but with a few simple tricks you can make an evening really special whilst staying in the comfort of your own home. 

1) Set the scene

Burning some scented candles and setting the table for dinner for two can really start the night of well. 

2) Eat something for Adults

Think about Grown up food, a nice spicy curry or steak and chips, Make your dinner a real treat and you will enjoy it even more. You could even treat yourself to a grown up pudding  and add a bottle of wine. 

3) Watch a film together snuggled on the sofa

Find a great romantic comedy to watch together on Netflix for the perfect date movie or if you both love a different film genre then choose something else. There are so many films to watch on Netflix that there is always something new to watch.

We really enjoyed making time to have a date night and will now make it a monthly thing so we can spend some time together as grown ups and not just as parents.