Celebrate Easter with Tesco

We were recently sent a parcel which invited us to celebrate Easter with Tesco. Full of everything that we could possibly need to enjoy Easter as a family.

Our delivery included lots of amazing goodies to eat as well as lots of great things to keep the kids busy during the Easter holidays.

I am not very creative so having arts and craft sets that are easy to use that can help the kids to get creative are brilliant and there were loads for the girls to choose from.

The Easter activity book was really good and it was full of fun activities. The girls loved making the Easter cards and using the stickers and craft pieces to decorate them. Having the Easter card making set made this a really easy early morning activity and helped to keep them quiet for quite a while. We now have lots of cards to hand out to everyone to help them celebrate Easter too.

They also had great fun decorating the Egg shaped Gingerbread although they did wish that there were more than one colour icing so they could be more creative although I think they did a great job.

As well as all the craft activities we were also sent everything we needed to host out very own Easter Egg hunt. Easter egg hunts are a great way to celebrate Easter as a family and it is so easy to host your own now that you can buy sets like this one from Tesco. It included signs, clue cards and even some gorgeous bunny feet cards. The set also included some 1st, 2nd and 3rd place stickers. As well as the big and medium sized hollow chocolate eggs, the pack also had mini chocolate carrots, rabbits and eggs.

We headed to a local park and set about hiding all of the eggs in bushes, behind trees and in little holes in the grass.  They had great fun finding them and we even invited some other kids to join in too!

We had great fun with all of the items that Tesco sent to us to help us celebrate Easter and hopefully we have inspired you to get together and celebrate Easter together as a family with some of these easy activities.

Tesco are holding free Easter egg hunts in lots of its stores on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 April. You can download the mobile hunt app or use a paper handbook to take part in the challenge. Find out which Tesco stores are participating by visiting: https://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk/?target=event