Catch up with the important things in life with KatchUp – including discount code!

Three years ago when I started this blog I did so as a way of recording our memories and sharing them with friends and family. It very quickly became much more than that but even from those humble beginnings I knew that there would be some things that I just wouldn’t want to share with the whole world. Some moments in life are more personal and for those I had Facebook.

Facebook was for friends and family but even that has gradually grown, especially as I now class a lot of bloggers as friends. The circle has widened and now I don’t know if I would feel as happy sharing a very personal moment on there. Luckily for me I have been introduced to KatchUp.

Let me give you an example of when KatchUp would be perfect for my life. My Moment would be a gig, its a bit heavy, lots of drinking, making a fool of myself with friends, looking a complete mess passed out on someones sofa with some form of drawing on my face. Yes its happened before and I am not going to pretend it will never happen again. However do I really want my mum to see me in this state? or worse the mother in law? a future employer? people who work with me professionally? or maybe just the bunch of drunkards I was out with that night? This is one situation when sharing that moment on KatchUp would be a very good idea. We can all have a laugh and yet I know the pictures are safe from prying eyes.

KatchUp is a completely private service that allows you to create a moment (think album) of video and pictures. You can then share that moment with whoever you want, it could be one person, ten people or everyone in your list. To add people into your KatchUp Family you need to send them an email invitation. KatchUp is a free service with up to 1GB of space or you can pay £2.99 a month for up to 10GB of space.

I love the way your moments look on KatchUp and the ability to have a header image per one really helps you show off your pictures in a fantastic way.

One moment that happened recently that would have been great for KatchUp was the first day of school. By the time our girls went back on the 10th September I was fed up of seeing back to school pictures so felt a bit weird about sharing ours. However going back to school was a big thing and I know some of my friends and family would have wanted to see them in their uniforms so I posted the obligatory pictures to social media. If I had known about KatchUp then I more than likely would have taken even more pictures and shared them with my nearest and dearest instead of just the one. The first day back at school is a very special Moment and it really should be treated as such.