Can you Live below the line?

On the 28th April to 2nd May our family will be living below the line.

We will be living on just £1 each per day for person for 5 days. This means that we will be eating simple easy food and shopping in cheaper places. I will be telling you all about our days and how we got on but why not pledge to join in?

You can find out more about Living below the line on this website

What would you do to live on just £1 a day?

Meal planning when living below the line really is important and so I need to find some inspiration. I know that carbohydrates are a great way of bulking out meals whilst saving money so we will definitely be using pasta and rice as our main staples and then
shopping at our local fruit and vegetable stall to ensure that we get all the goodness that we need. Meat is expensive but we don’t want to go vegetarian for the week so I am going to cook wisely and try to use larger pieces of meat and use the leftovers for the meals. I am hoping my local butcher will be able to help out for this.

Three meals a day
Five days

Four hungry mouths to feed

Could you do it?