Camping Conundrum

I don’t really do camping and apart from one disastrous weekend camping in a field at a festival (I hardly slept) I have not wanted to venture into a tent since. However it seems camping in the wilderness does not need to mean wet sleeping bags and a hard floor. In the October half term we will be heading over to Jollydays near York to spend four nights Glamping.

We will be staying in a beautiful lodge tent with beds, a toilet and a shower! Now that is the sort of camping I like the sound off.

My conundrum however comes when I think about food. We will be having our Breakfasts supplied for us but we will need to think about lunch and dinner and to keep the cost down I dont want to be eating out every night. I am also on weight watchers so I want to be able to eat healthily where I can and we only have two hob rings and a bbq to cook with. We wont have a fridge but we will have a cool box so we need to be mindful of how much stuff will need to be kept cold.

So this is where I turn to you and ask you for your recommendations on what we can take with us to supply three interesting easy grab lunches and three dinners which can be cooked on the hob or bbq. What are your favourite camping foods?