Why we are a Butlins family?

We have just come back from Butlins after our fourth visit in 2017 and we have already got three trips booked for 2018, we are definitely a Butlins family.

I get asked all the time why we go back and what exactly it is about Butlins that we love so much. It is hard to pinpoint one particular thing about Butlins that makes us love it as a family but whenever we visit it is almost like visiting family. We have been visiting Butlins since 2010 and we have come to know so many of the redcoats over those years. It is great to see familiar faces when we return and some of the redcoats and other staff members have even gone on to become friends.

Butlins is one of those places where you get out of it what you put it. If you go and passively watch the shows, sitting back with your phone in your hand then you won’t get to experience the best bit about Butlins. If you go and dance like an idiot to Gangnam style, join in with the panto and sit on the floor with your kids to watch the shows then you will experience the Butlins we love.

As a Butlins Family we will jump off our chair when the Time Warp comes on and we chat with all the staff. We watch every show even if saw it just a few months before and we can walk around the resort without a map. We feel safe letting our kids go to the toilet alone knowing they can find us again afterwards and we know when is a good time to go for dinner.

Butlins has become a part of our family life and a part that I can’t see us stopping anytime soon. We may travel all over the world but our hearts will always take us back as we are definitely a Butlins Family.

Have you ever been to Butlins? Do you love it as much as we do?