Breaking News from Heartake City! #LegoFamilyBloggers

When I got the email in January to tell me that to continue to be a Lego Family Blogger we had to get creative with Lego I decided that this wasn’t a challenge that I was going to take on alone and so I sat with Elizabeth and Alison and discussed all of the things that they loved about Lego. Obviously Legoland came up and we discussed the trip to the new Heartlake City area that we visited early in 2015 and straight away Elizabeth decided that she wanted us to put on a news broadcast.Picture
With Alison’s help she sat down and decided on a story using the lego sets that we had to hand. Together they helped me put together this video/pictorial news broadcast in the form of a comic.

The Ice Dragon continued to attack the haunted mansion and with only the ghost and knight to protect the treasure things were not going well.
Andrew was not scared to get into the action to capture his photos.
but soon retreated with the Ice Dragon turned on him
Luckily across the globe, the  message was being received and some unlikely heroes started to come to the rescue
All the heroes gathered in front of the mansion to protect it from the Ice Dragon
Unfortunately they could not withstand the dragons roar and only Rey managed to stay standing
With her gun and her staff, she attacked, knowing that she was the only thing that stood between the Ice Dragon and the Mansion
With the dragon slain and all of the heroes revived it was time to celebrate

We had so much fun doing this although you really do have the excuse the accents in the videos. The girls enjoyed putting the script together and really enjoyed helping me to create all of the photos.

We hope that this post shows our creativity and that we will be selected to be a Lego Family Blogger for 2016 and look forward to seeing who they choose in the next week or so.