Brand new Pokemon toys from Character

A few weeks ago we were invited to the launch of the brand new Pokemon toys from Character. As an avid Pokemon Go player and an overall fan of Pokemon, I was very excited.


The selection of toys now available to collect is a great mix of static figures, articulated figures, plush and role-play items.

The Clip n Go Poke Ball Belt set comes with two balls and a small Pikachu figure. The belt is easy to adjust which means it can fit children of all sizes, including big kids like me.

The Pop Action Poke Balls have to be my favourite addition to the range. Each of these poke balls includes a soft plush character and have a rubber loop at the back to attach to your finger so you can pretend to throw the Poke Ball which rebounds back into your hands after it releases the soft plush.

The plush Poke Balls are available in a variety of designs and they always land upright thanks to a weighted bottom. This is a great feature as it stops them rolling around.

The static 2″ figures come in a two pack and look like they are ready for battle. You can also get 3″ articulated figures like the Alolan Muk below. You can also get 4.5″ deluxe action figures which feature more articulation and the amazing 12″ legendary figures which have multiple points of articulation and amazing attention to detail.

Pokemon Plush are always popular and they have not been forgotten in this launch. They are available in a range of sizes from small pocket money clip on characters to larger plush like this Snorlax who is super soft. You can also get a talking power action Pikachu who is just amazing.

We love all of the new Pokemon toys and we cant wait to see which characters they release next.