Box of Shocks – Drumond park 


With April Fools day coming up now is the time to get planning, practicing and preparing all your tricks to catch out your friends and family.

The Box of Shocks by Drumond park is the perfect starter kits. From tricks to make you jump to ones that cover you in water there is something to try on everyone. Some of the shocks will require lots of practice to get them to work seamlessly and some of them will need you to read the instructions very carefully.

My thirteen year old brother enjoyed using this but people soon became suspicious of anything that he tried to do which did make it harder to do the tricks successfully.

Word of warning though, when using the chewing gum make sure the bottle is completely dry before you place it in the cardboard sleeve as it gets wet and falls apart.

Now where did I put the cling film?


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We received the box of shocks for the purpose of this review