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So as organiser of the BlogOn conferences I felt really guilty when I didn’t take part in the introduce yourself linky back in May so I thought I had better make more of an effort this time round. The lovely Jenny from TheBrickCastle is part of the BlogOn team and it was her turn to write the questions for the introduce yourself linky and I think she has done really well. Check out my answers below

Please share your favourite photo of you.

Mmm, I don’t really like photos of me but I love this one. I may be in a swim suit with messy hair, wobbly bits and a snorkel mask imprint on my face but this was one of the most memorable days of my life so I love this photo for capturing it.


If you could choose a band to play in your garden for your birthday, who would you pick?

Ooh this is so tough. I am currently enjoying Bring Me The Horizon That’s the Spirit album so they would be cool, if a little bit depressing.

What do you take with you for long visits to the toilet?

I don’t actually go for long visits to the toilet but if I did then more than likely my phone and I would play Disney Emoji Blitz.

What word can’t you spell?

There are all sorts of words that I have to think about but the word that I spell consistently wrong is THE, honestly I cant seem to type those three letters in the right order.

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

I worked in a salmon factory in Shetland for a week when I was 18. The combination of heavy smelly fish and the 5am wake up calls meant I didn’t last long.

Knitting, sewing or crotchet?

None, I am absolutely awful at all types of creative stuff. I have tried all three and made laughable attempts.

Without looking it up, what is a jerkinhead? 

Weirdly, I know the answer to this but it is really boring so I would much rather that you use your imagination. Honestly, if you knew the truth you would be disappointed.

If you could have as much of one food as you wanted forever, what would it be?

Steak. If I could have a meal it would be steak and jacket potato with mushrooms and french mustard but if just one item then definitely steak.

What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

I haven’t actually done anything that scary but I do always try to push past my own weaknesses so I have snorkelled with sharks and flown in a helicopter and done indoor skydiving, all of which I was personally terrified about. I suppose the thing I do that is the scariest for me is public speaking, so when you see me talking to you all at BlogOn understand that I will be nervous, sweaty and shaking like mad. I just hide it well.

If you needed a getaway driver, who would you choose? 

It would have to be Alice from Life As Alice because she is the one I rely on for everything although she has only just got her license so I might actually get her to give me the keys and let me drive.

Would you rather live in Narnia or at Hogwarts? 

Definitely Hogwarts, I know all about the 144 staircases, could find every secret passage and even think I know my way to all four common rooms. I may be a bit of a potter geek.

What snack food says ‘Christmas’ to you?

I am a huge lover of Twiglets but seem to only buy them at Christmas. I was actually really excited to see the tub in the shop the other day.

Is there life on Mars? 

If not Mars then definitely on other planets. How could we have so much variety in life forms on this planet and yet believe that there are no other life forms anywhere else in the universe.

Which Christmas movie would you be a character in, and who would play you?

I would be Scrooge but from the Muppets Christmas Carol and I reckon a fat Renée Zellweger would be able to play me quite well.

What are you proudest of?

I am really proud of both of daughters but I am also really proud of myself and BlogOn as a whole. When I started BlogOn in 2013 I never expected it to grow in the way it has or for the community to be so amazing. So yeah I reckon I am proud of BlogOn and the community that has grown around it.

Are you coming to BlogOnXmas? If so why not answer the questions yourself and don’t forget to add it to the linky and check out the other attendees posts. Click the Christmas Jumper to visit the linky.

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4 thoughts on “BlogOn Xmas Jumper linky”

  1. I am so looking forward to BlogOn it is unreal. I have never been to anything like it before and I am so happy that my first experience is going to be this one.

    I love your photo and you look fab!! Can’t wait to meet you,

  2. You totally should be proud of BlogOn it’s amazing! I’m so glad it’s up north and super friendly, even though I get nervous everytime. Everybody loves it though and even though I’ve never ever been to a diff blogging conference I never hear a bad word said about BlogOn. Thanks so much for all the hard work!

  3. You have so much to be proud of with BlogOn. Looking forward to next weekend, as ever. I could definitely eat steak over and over again (as long as it’s still bleeding …)

  4. Awww – shucks thanks Laura 😀
    You’re the only person so far who has known jerkinhead and I must admit it is really super boring 😀 Hahaha
    Having yourself as your own getaway driver encapsulates your personality perfectly “I’ll just do it” 🙂

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