Bizarre Pregnancy Myths

Whether you’re Googling why you can’t get enough of potato croquettes, or your extremely distant auntie (who let’s be honest is probably just your friends mum) is telling you how your low sitting little bump of love means you’re having a boy, there are some very odd myths circling around about pregnancy.

So, after searching the web, checking out every baby book from the library and spending more time than anyone would care to admit watching One Born Every Minute, may we present to you some of the most bizarre pregnancy myths your eyes and ears will have ever witnessed, you’re welcome.

Fittingly first, one of the most popular baby myths, “first babies are always late.” There is absolutely no evidence to back this up, much like Julie Andrews, babies support the statement, “A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early.” A baby arrives when it’s ready to, plus for every mum whose first baby arrived late, you’ll find another that arrived early!

Now, let’s all admit we’ve been jealous of another girl’s long luscious locks, or impeccable skin, but this next myth may be going a step too far. “Girls steal your looks,” first off, what? So, if you have a girl you’ll end up all grotesque and horrid, but if we’re blessed with a boy we’ll keep our beauty? Besides, when you’re a mum you take pride in being told your little miracle resembles you.

A few weeks overdue? It’s fine, just check the weather forecast for the next storm because apparently, they can induce labour! Sorry to let you know but there’s no need to form a queue at the hospital at the first signs of lightning, but if you’re set on this, you may want to invest in a good waterproof as it’s likely you may be waiting to dilate for some time!

This is one that can be forgiven, having IVF treatment means you’ll have twins or triplets, whilst IVF can increase your chances of multiple births it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll be giving birth to the Von Trapps any time soon. Any fertility clinic you go in like Fertility Plus would be happy to share their IVF success rates, twins and all.

Who can create a bizarre pregnancy myths piece without mentioning gender myths? A personal favourite has to be “you’re having a girl if your husband is gaining weight.” Now, there can be a number of reasons why your significant other has started to pack on the pounds, less time at the gym more time baby shopping, extra takeaways to suit your cravings, need we say more?

In case you’re worried your heartburn means you’re going to give birth to a werewolf, you can stop panicking now. Reaching for the Gaviscon throughout your pregnancy just means you have a little bit of acid reflux, not that Chewbacca is growing in your womb.

Finally, we’ll leave you with this, eating kebabs will lead to ugly babies, not indigestion, not an upset stomach, not a trip to the loo the next morning, but an ugly baby! I think everyone can agree this is a big bizarre pregnancy myth.

What’s the oddest myth you’ve come across? Does it beat kebab babies?