Big Day for our Big Girl #PaypalMoments

This weekend was going to be spent walking around the Trafford Centre and various other shopping centres but thanks to Paypal I have completed my shopping and I was able to spend the weekend creating some magical moments instead.

High up on our priority list was to take Elizabeth to have her ears pierced. As a girly girl she had wanted her ears pierced for a long time but when she was on treatment this was not an option. Being a bit of a clever clogs she had never forgotten that I said she could have them done when she was not on treatment and she bought herself some new earrings whilst at Disneyland Paris.

I wasn’t sure where to take her but I knew that Claires did ear piercings so we headed to our local one to see if they could fit us in. 

The lady was fantastic and helped us choose suitable earrings and gave us lots of information of how to care for her ears. Claires offer a service of having both ears pierced at the same time if you think your child won’t cope with having them done separately. With Elizabeth being used to needles and injections I knew it wouldn’t be a problem and with a slight “ouch” on the first ear she was able to sit nicely throughout.

She is very happy with her new earrings and the beautiful pale rose set in gold is understated, sparkly and absolutely perfect for her.
It was brilliant going out with just Elizabeth to have this done and we spent ages looking at all the sparkly girly things together.

Spending time together doing things like this is really important but time is a commodity that we don’t seem to have enough off. Paypal have really helped me to appreciate my time this weekend as I avoided the crowds and spent some magical moments with Elizabeth instead.