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The Secret to Great Meals at Home

In the past decade, as families we’ve all begun to place a lot more importance on bringing good food to the table. Perhaps it’s a heightened awareness of just how bad some processed foods are for us. Or maybe it’s the prevalence of seemingly endless cooking programs on TV? In reality, it’s probably a bit of both. But whatever the source of our new found food focus, eating healthy and tasty food is an absolute staple of family life. Here are some essentials for ensuring that you always get the most out of mealtimes.

Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Food

Good quality, fresh ingredients are the cornerstone of good family food. Admittedly, there isn’t always time to cook elaborate culinary concoctions, particularly when you’re trying to raise a family. But good fresh food doesn’t have to take hours to prepare. A simple fresh tomato and basil sauce for example, will take only 20 or so minutes from scratch. Combine this with some freshly cooked pasta and parmesan cheese and hey presto; healthy and wholesome food that the whole family will enjoy. Or if you fancy something a little more oriental, a simple stir fry can be prepared even quicker. Just quick fry some thin strips of beef, pork, lamb or chicken with a selection of fresh vegetables (onions, garlic, ginger, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and green beans are all very affordable), add some soy sauce and perhaps a little chilli, and you’ve made a very healthy and very flavoursome dish in no time.

Use Quality Cookware

Preparing meals for your family is never going to be easy if you’re always labouring over an ageing electric stove with poor utensils and a decaying work surface. Part of the key to making cooking easy and fun is to treat yourself to some top kitchen gear. You’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable cooking is when you’ve got a decent Wusthof chef’s knife, a gas cooker, and a beautiful wooden worktop from Better Kitchens.

The Value of Good Food

We’ve all begun to realise the value in putting good food on the table at home. With a few simple fresh recipes and some top quality cooking equipment, you and your family can look forward to many enjoyable meals together. After all, food is a ritual that brings our families together.

Victoria Harrison is a mother of three and ‘home zoo’ manager; when she isn’t surrounded by kids and animals she writes for online audiences on a range of topics. Passionate about her home and family, she aims to share her knowledge and experiences and make a few friends along the way.

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