Best Apps to have on your Phone while Travelling

Travelling may be considered an art, especially when going with family in tow (and small children). Although this art may be perfected with experience, a lot of help comes also from having the right apps on your phone.

Check out this list of crucial apps to have on your phone while travelling. A few simple downloads really can make all the difference in how smooth, organized and enjoyable your trip (and after your trip) is.

7 Best Travel Apps

  1. Skyscanner

The highest expenses for travelling are often the flights and accommodation. Skyscanner is a convenient app you can use to find affordable and the best travel options for flights, hotels, and rental cars. It gives you a range of options, including cheapest dates to fly as well as ‘Top Deals’ from your nearest airport if you are unsure of the destination you’d like to go to and are working with a specific budget.

  1. Babbel

When travelling to a destination where you don’t speak the local language, it is extremely beneficial to know at least a few phrases. You can practice language learning with Babbel, a dedicated language-learning app available on all major platforms like iOS. Learning some key words and phrases will make your travels more enjoyable and enable you to feel more independent and confident during your time abroad.

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travel apps. You can use it to check out reviews and other uploaded content pertaining to the destination you are travelling to. It is a great way to see other people’s thoughts about hyped-up sites and restaurants, as well as get recommendations from other travellers. You can save content on the app as well, so when you are building your itinerary for your own trip you can add to it accordingly.

  1. WiFi Map

While it can be enjoyable to disconnect from technology while travelling, sometimes WiFi is just necessary. WiFi Map provides you with the nearest free hotspots along with passwords and user comments. It also gives you map navigation to get the hotspot.

  1. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is one of those apps that you are really thankful to have downloaded, especially for when you really need it. If your accommodation was cancelled last minute or you simply need to find an open room at a hotel and are in a time crunch, Hotel Tonight will connect you with last-minute deals. Hotel Tonight partners with hotels to help hotels fill rooms that would otherwise be empty and customers to find a place to stay at an affordable rate.

  1. Trail Wallet

It is no secret that travelling can get expensive, so using an app to help you track your budget and expenses is helpful. Trail Wallet is a travel expense tracker, for which you can organize your expenses, set budgets, and easily add a bill to your expense organization. If you are travelling for business and do not have a dedicated company expense tracking system in place, this is absolutely an app to download so you make sure that you can expense your bills appropriately.

  1. CityMapper

Getting around the city you are visiting is a must, and having a paper map out is a sure way to stick out as a tourist. CityMapper is a very well reviewed app that provides you with the best ways (and all other options) to get from point A to point B, including public transportation and ridesharing services. Public transportation especially can get tricky in a city and CityMapper will give you the details you need including metro directions, bus lines and stops, times, and more. Be sure to add the map for the city you are visiting before arrival to make sure you are all set up!

In today’s digital age we are lucky to have apps that make travelling more convenient. These are just a few of the apps that are available and depending on what your biggest stresses are about travelling, there are surely apps out there that can help relieve some of that stress!

 Do you have any recommendations for helpful travel apps?