Being Brilliant at Blog Summit


One blog event is much like any other,  the same old subjects are talked about and the same people are there. Thankfully that is not a bad thing and even in a session where you think you know everything there is always something new to learn.

Meeting up with the same bloggers again is lots of fun and there are always some new faces there to say hello too.

Heading to Blog summit yesterday was something I have been looking forward to for months and I loved meeting up with all the lovely bloggers who were in attendance.

My favourite part of the day was listening to Andy Cope. A completely inspirational bloke who has managed to convince me that I want to be a top 2%er and that my Hubby is a Mood Hoover.

I actually downloaded his book onto my kindle whilst he was talking and I was reading it on the way home on the train. Even through the wine induced fog the book makes a lot of sense and by the time I got to Wolverhampton I was feeling more positive. I offered my Nexus tablet to a four year old girl who was driving her mother mad and that positive action had a profound affect on all the other people at our end of the carriage. A smile goes a long way and tomorrow morning and every other morning I am going to wake up and be thankful I don’t have a tooth ache. I am going to make sure i put more time and effort into my children and I am going to live in the moment and find the happiness around me today rather than looking for it in the future.

If Blog Summit has done just one thing for me I believe it will be the most profound and worthwhile thing it could ever have done.