Back to school mayhem and #AfterSchoolChefs

I dont know about you but the kids going back to school has been one headache after the other. 

Take the school uniform which I purchased in plenty of time so that we were not chasing around after the illusive last few pairs of girls trousers in a size 4, well it seems that kids grow over the summer, who knew right? So I had to go and find some emergency trousers in a size 5 or have Alison walking around with ankle swingers on every day. Its not a good look believe me. 

Next up was the mornings, I mean seriously I have had over 6 months with no school run this is just like hell on earth every morning and I am not even talking about having to get the kids ready. Getting myself up, showered and actually out of my pjs before lunchtime is like some sort of miracle and it is all fuelled by intravenous coffee

So then comes the school dinners, both kids are able to get free school dinners, well thank god for that, I mean it saves me a small fortune, in fact if I put it away each week it might even pay for us to go on holiday. I mean after all one can never have too many holidays, I will just have to make sure its not in term time otherwise I will be in trouble. 

Anyway this free school meal lark is causing us some major issues. The kids are getting a nice warm dinner at school, including pud so they come home and they are hungry but they are not hungry hungry. You know the type of hungry I mean, you put it down in front of them turn around and the whole plate is empty type of hungry. That is what used to happen when they went to school with a packed lunch. Well now they just want a snack but heaven forbid it is a boring snack or one that takes me more than twenty minutes to get ready. 

Thankfully help is at hand and thanks to Britmums and Birds eye I went and stocked my freezer full of quick and easy products that should satisfy even the most distinguished taste buds. 

We sat down with the kids to talk through a meal plan and together we came up with some fantastic suggestions. We chose meals that they could help us cook as well as ones that were nutritious, tasty and a little bit different.

Sweet and Sour Chicken and rice

Ingredients – Chicken dippers, Sweet and sour sauce in a jar, Golden rice Infusions.
Cook the chicken dippers, chop up and add to the saucepan with the sweet and sour sauce. Microwave the rice and serve.

Fish Risotto-ish

Ingredients – fish Infusions of your choice, Mediterranean rice infusions.

Microwave one fish and two portions of rice. Break up the fish and stir through the rice then serve.

Fish Finger Wrap

Ingredients – tortilla wrap, mayonnaise, fish fingers and salad
Cook the fish fingers then serve in a tortilla with salad and your choice of sauce.

Waffle Chicken Burgers

Ingredients – Waffles, crispy chicken and steamfresh veg
Cook the waffles and crispy chicken. Place together like a burger, add cheese and sauce if required. Serve with steamfresh vegetables for goodness.

Classic Fish Fingers, mash and beans

A dinner time classic. 
Cook the fish fingers and potatoes for mash. Serve with beans. We also serve this with Steamfresh vegetables on occasion.

Having the kids help to prepare their own dinners has really helped us get into a great after school routine. We come in and complete their homework or reading. Then we cook dinner together and after they have eaten they are allowed the tv on before its time for their bath and off to bed. 

The time just flows by and before I know it they are snoring and I can go and get myself a lovely chilled glass of wine from the fridge. The early morning back to school routine may be a killer but thanks to birds eye, britmums and my bottle of wine this after school routine is a doddle.

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