Back to School and proud

Seven months ago we made a decision to remove the kids from school and home school them. It was never an easy decision to make and it was never a permanent thing either but both of the girls needed extra support, extra love and some time together.
It was a decision that some doubted and others hated and we were surrounded by people who thought we were mad.

The girls went back to school a few weeks ago and I held my breathe waiting and hoping everything went well.

Settling them in was so easy and both of them went into class without any troubles. Elizabeth going straight into full days and Alison going in to full days after just one day.

In the first week Alison was the only child in her class who knew her jolly phonics songs and actions.

On the third day Elizabeth took a spelling test she had not studied for and was one of two children to get nine out of ten.

In the first week Elizabeth received star of the week for being so social and settling in so well.

Alison learnt to ride her bike.

Last week they both impressed their teachers with their reading skills.

Last week Elizabeth received the spelling list and got ten out of ten.

Elizabeth has also been highly praised for her mathematics skills by all of her teachers. She even received the star of the week certificate for her fabulous work in mathematics.

Home schooling has given the kids the confidence to succeed and has allowed them to experience so many things. They have gone back to school as very well rounded young girls who are brimming with confidence and ready to be challenged.