Get ready for Back to School

The school holidays have only just started but for many parents we are already thinking about getting the kids ready to go back to school and all of the things we need to buy to make that happen. As well as new uniform I also need to think about stationery, school bags and packed lunch for both of my girls as they are no longer entitled to a free school dinner.


Nearly all of the supermarkets have school uniform available now and some of them are cheaper than others but I like to opt for quality, design and price when choosing the clothes  my girls will wear for most of the year. We have to buy our polo shirts from Asda as they are the only supermarket that sell the emerald green ones that my girls school requires but when it comes to trousers and skirts we prefer the F&F range from Tesco.

We love the individual style of each of the items and it allows my girls to choose items that suit their personalities whilst still abiding by the school uniform code. Elizabeth loves all the bow details and Alison loves the stretchy trousers and adjustable waists.

When it comes to shoes then quality and comfort is definitely more important than price. I need the shoes that the girls wear to be able to last them for most of the school year if not the whole school year. This means that they need to fit and be well made. These ECCO shoes for Elizabeth have a really nice cushioned insole, fashionable design and look great. I look forward to seeing how they last throughout the year when she goes back to school.


My girls are obsessed with Smiggle stationery but I find that it is just far to expensive to justify buying it outside of birthdays and Christmas presents so we are always looking for alternatives. We love the colourful nature of these items from GoGoPo Stationery and they can’t wait to show them to their friends when they head back to school in September.

Sambro have an amazing range of licensed backpacks, pencil cases and stationery items which means you should be able to find something from your childs favourite film or tv show for them to take to school. Sambro Back to School range is available from Argos, Sainsburys and Very.

If your children are older then I highly recommend that you take a look at Pen Heaven. The perfect website for all of your higher end stationery needs. They sell everything that you need from pens, notebooks, journals and more. All of the items are from good quality brands that you know you can trust and they can make a great gift to give to someone starting college or university.

One of the items from Pen Heaven that I love the most has to be the Star Wars click ballpoint pen from Cross. They also have matching journals which are definitely on my wish list.


Packing the kids a lunch to take to school can be tricky especially with all of the restrictions that the schools have put in place to ensure our children are eating healthier. Finding the right containers for them to store their lunches is one of the biggest challenges and as much as they would like a nice character lunch box I find that Sistema products give me the flexibility to use the right container no matter what lunch I pack for them. Below is just a small example of the types of containers they make and there are so many more than are perfect for lunch boxes.

Trying to find new and tasty drinks and snacks for their lunches is a constant struggle but I have been sent a few items for the girls to try. We are already fans of the Get More drinks so the Get More kids drinks went down really well. They have added vitamins, nice flavours, come in smaller bottles and are less than 5 calories per bottle.

Another option are the Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Mylk drinks. These milk shake type drinks look cool (so satisfying to kids) yet they contain no refined sugar, no additives or preservatives, are gluten free, dairy free, nut free and they are also organic. The main ingredients are spring water and coconut milk with the additional ingredients changing depending on the flavour.

My girls love taking yogurts to school but we are constantly losing spoons or the pots get split so these Shaken Udder sachets are perfect. Each sachet contains yogurt, fruit and oats but are completely smooth. They have no added sugar or sweeteners and 100% natural ingredients. They also don’t need to be refrigerated which means they are perfect for lunch boxes.

If you are vegetarian or vegan I can imagine that your choices for packed lunch are even harder than mine. I was sent a fabulous hamper by Vbites foods which contains lots of meat alternatives which are perfect for sandwiches, wraps and more. We are looking forward to sampling them and I am sure they can give you some inspiration for some of the lunches you can create.

I hope this post has given you lots of ideas on what you need to prepare ready for your kids to go back to school.

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