Beautiful Skin Saboteurs: Avoid These Common Mistakes & Get Glowing Skin

Skin problems don’t just happen among teens. Many adults find themselves suffering from breakouts, persistent blackheads, and/or an oily complexion. Even if you wash your face in the morning or before bed, there are some common mistakes you could be making that are causing negative side effects. Read on to see whether you’re making any of these top three skin care errors, and put a stop to them right away to put yourself on the path to clear, healthy skin.

1. Using a sponge or washcloth to scrub your face

Many people have a washcloth that they clean with the weekly laundry, or a bathing sponge by the sink which they use to clean their face daily. Dermatologists recommend using only your hands (clean, of course) as a washcloth or sponge can carry and breed bacteria from your previous wash and carry it over to the next.

2. Sleeping in makeup

It may not be done all the time, but on occasion after a party or event when you return home late, you kick off your shoes and fall asleep with the night’s makeup still on your face. This is a horrible decision, as the makeup clogs your pores and if it’s not a skin conscious brand, can already be causing you to have breakouts and oily skin as a result.

No matter how late it is, if it’s possible, make a short trip to the bathroom and wash off that concealer and foundation.

3. Using a non-facial moisturiser

A surprising number of people buy moisturiser and think that if it’s okay for the skin on their body, it’s okay for the face as well. This definitely isn’t the case. The skin on the face is highly sensitive and much more prone to irritation and reactions to products. Be sure to purchase a separate facial moisturiser, and be sure to use only a small, pea-sized amount. Over moisturising can dry out the skin and cause redness, itchiness, and irritation as well.