Are you an After School Hero?

A few weeks ago  Heinz got in touch with me as they wanted to celebrate mums as After School Super Heroes, who manage to whip up delicious and nutritious meals every day for our kids when they come home.
DC Comics are taking over some classic Heinz products; Baked Beanz, Tomato Ketchup, Spaghetti Hoops and Tomato Soup and making them Super Hero ready. They sent me a variety of products and costumes to turn my family into the Super Heroes we always wanted to be as well as some fabulous recipe cards to create some delicious meals.
We are huge fans of DC Comics with Alison being the number one fan so she was really happy with the items we were sent and it wasn’t long before they came in handy and rescued dinner on a day where I was too busy to put any real effort into the food I was serving. We don’t have many dinners like this but I do always have some waffles in the freezer for such an occasion and these chicken drumsticks were perfect with the heinz spaghetti. 
Heinz dont just come to the rescue for dinner and adding them to my slimming world breakfast provided me with a hearty start to the day so I could get on with my super hero duties.
We loved trying some of the Heinz receipes on the website and the all time favourite has to be the Cottage Pie with beans inside. Both girls ate all of theirs and went back for seconds which just goes to show how delicious it was. 
Why not become an Afternoon Hero with the Heinz Beans recipes below or check out the website for more Heinz inspired recipes.