Are you a food snob?

This is a completely unplanned post but whilst getting dinner ready tonight I was looking through my cupboards and was shocked at how much value food we have in our kitchen.

I am a food snob, I will admit that I love good food. I love buying the best cut of steak and I dont even flinch at the price. Now don’t get me wrong we do not have loads of money but on the rare occassion that we are going to have steak why not have a great steak otherwise what is the point.

So this post is really to share my opinions and ask for more ideas on what is still good even when it is the cheapest and what is not. Now I am known to shop at lots of different supermarkets. We tend to pop to tesco’s, do our bigger shop at Morrisons, we occassionally shop at Asda or Sainsburys depending on their advertised offers and do our two monthly online shop via Ocado. Its a lot to think about really isnt it.

So meat has always been an issue with me, I hate cheap mince and sausages. However I am happy to buy value chicken, ok its been pumped full of water but if its cheaper per gram than the other stuff then I buy it.

Vegetables are vegetables so value or not I am happy with them same with fruit, in fact as long as quality is not affected I am generally happy with the cheapest of everything.

So in my kitchen I have the following value food items

gravy granules
grated cheese
diet coke (tesco value 17p fr 2ltrs love it more than coca cola)
lasagne sheets
baked beans
chopped tomatoes
vegetable soup (my girls love it)
Peanut Butter
tinned spaghetti
Nappies (yep you read that right, I love Morrisons value nappies)

Things I will not buy in the value range

Bread (unless it is for the ducks)
Toilet roll (I know its not food but its very important to me not to have value toilet roll)

So what do you buy in the supermarkets value range and what won