Are we a Modern Family? (includes funny video of Gaming Daddy of two falling off a lilo!)

A few weeks ago we were challenged to take part in the hunt for a blogger Modern Family to celebrate the release of Modern Family Series 5 on DVD. 

To take part in this challenge we had to create a video following our family for a week. It just so happened that we were off on our holidays and thought what better way to show you a bit about our family than to take you on holiday with us.

It has been really fun capturing our life on video and there was certainly some really hilarious moments. I have managed to edit out 4 hours of footage into just over twenty minutes but believe me it is worth watch, especially the bit with the lilo!

I really want to watch this episode of their adventures in Australia but I have not seen it yet. I dont think it compares to our holiday though!

All in all Modern Family has us laughing and nodding along knowingly and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.

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