Andy and Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine!

Recently I have been crossing the names off my CBeebies presenters list quite quickly and there are not many left to meet. One of those that we have not had the pleasure to meet yet is Andy Day. That will hopefully change at the end of this month when we get the chance to go and watch Andy and Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine at the theatre.

Andy & Mike’s adventures begin when they stumble across a mysterious machine locked away in the garden of their ‘Fun Pad’ many years before by their great, great, great Grandfather Wally Bum…  Met by the machine’s guardian, they are sent on a time-travel quest.   The intrepid duo must collect items from both the past and future, whilst avoid being trapped in the mists of time forever.  Will they make it?   One thing’s certain… they haven’t a chance without the audience’s help!

Andy Day (CBeebies) and his comedy partner Mike James, have revealed plans to continue touring through autumn/winter 2013. The dynamic duo teamed-up with ‘Tweenies’ creator Iain Lauchlan to produce this family-friendly adventure (suitable for ages 3+), which sees Andy and Mike whisked on a time-travel adventure; think ‘Bill and Ted’ crossed-with ‘Back to The Future’. The show has received wide acclaim since debuting at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year and is due to enjoy a third-leg, performing at a further 11 venues across the UK from 29 Sept ’13.  Find the full UK tour schedule at: