An evening in Chocolate heaven? I don’t mind if I do


What would I like to be doing on a Thursday evening?

Would I be interested in going along to a chocolate course at my favourite cooking venue. My third time at Cheshire Cookery school and each time I have been had the pleasure of cooking with a tasty chef and with some tasty ingredients.

Oliver Dunn runs Chocolate parties (and Naked Chocolate Parties) for adults and children. He is a skilled chocolatier and we had great fun as he showed us how to temper chocolate and create some delicious models whilst continuing to stuff our faces full of chocolate. I really enjoyed it and had no idea that I was so creative (not!) I even managed to pipe different coloured chocolate and it didn’t look like that much of a mess.

Tempering and eating chocolate really was fun but I enjoyed making the truffles more. I suppose it is because it is dark chocolate, my favourite. The truffles were lovely and I snuck in some tabasco to cut through the chocolate and it worked really well.
I really enjoyed making my special gift to take away and I have made this for a friend of mine who is having a christmas dinner with us in 10 days. He loves frogs so after looking at the selection of molds it was the one thing that I thought would be perfect.
We all did a great job on the chocolate that we made and I now feel confident in making and shaping other chocolate gifts and will once again be attempting chocolate truffles for the teachers this year.
I had great fun and I am really looking forward to visiting Cheshire Cookery school again soon and I am even considering some Naked chocolate party for my 30th. What do you reckon girls?