An Epic kind of gift

As you grow older you accumulate so much around you that birthdays and christmas can become an annoyance, the constant badgering about what you want and the fact that you really don’t have a clue.

Back in July I had to find and Epic personal type gift for 9 people I hardly know. Well I hardly know them in person. I know there blogs and I know they are amazing people. The 9 people in question were speaking at Blog On as a favour to me and I wanted to do something right by them.

One was obsessed with gin so I got her a lovely book called Gin O’clock, One loved cameras and photography so a nice book on making your own pin hole cameras was sufficient. I had a social media food lover so a facebook like shaped cake mould seemed suitable. I had a wine thermometer for someone who loves frozen wine, I had a mug about big boobs for a large breasted and very funny lady. I had facebook like cufflinks for a social media guru. I had a grow your own hair for a friend who has a nice bald patch. I was still missing  two presents.

Then I remembered the present I have loved and cherished the most. A metal ballpoint pen engraved with a celtic design. A friend gave it to me many years ago. A simple but good quality pen. The women in question were bloggers, bloggers with style and a passion for stationary.

My fun had just started I searched and searched for a decent stationary site and ended up using amazon.  I just wish I had found the internet gift store. The stationary they have on there is just what I would have wanted. I love many things to do with stationary but the Bright Side notebooks are one of my all time favourites. I know a certain lady who this would have been perfect for.

I would also love to receive one of their notebooks. It is very hard to decide as they are all really good and they all serve a different purpose. You have address books, list books, planners, journals, autograph books. In fact any type of notebook you might want. The one that caught my eye though is perfect for me.
Maybe this year I might be able to answer that age old question of what do you want for Christmas?