An amazing day at Edinburgh Zoo (with super cute photos!)

On Friday we headed to Edinburgh Zoo to enjoy our last day in Scotland. The weather was gorgeous and the animals were all out enjoying the sunshine with us.

This guy gave us a huge laugh when he ran towards the glass we were standing behind and banged on it making us jump!


These cute little monkeys had everyone cooing over them and they were pretty good at posing for photos too!
With three different types of penguins, Edinburgh zoo had the best penguin area I have ever seen and the penguin parade was brilliant to watch.
A lot of the Gentoo penguins were clustered around the nests and when we went closer we managed to spot three nests with baby penguins, a first for me as I have never seen a baby penguin before.
Another first for me was the chance to see the Koalas. They were all asleep but still extremely cute and a definite highlight of our trip.
Obviously, we couldn’t go to Edinburgh Zoo without a visit to the Pandas and although Yang Guang was fast asleep, Tian Tian was active and enjoying munching her way through a fairly large amount of bamboo. We hope to hear soon that Tian Tian is pregnant as their breeding period was only seven weeks ago the zookeepers are currently unable to tell. It is a very exciting time and hopefully next time we visit we will be able to see a baby panda too!
I was slightly concerned about visiting Edinburgh Zoo as it is on a very big hill and pushing Elizabeth in her wheelchair on slopes can be tricky and it was hard in places but the mobility car that is available to take wheelchair users and their families to the top of the hill is fantastic and the driver was a brilliant guide on the way up. We really enjoyed walking back down via the big cats and it enabled us to see parts of the zoo we would not have if the service was not available as it was far too steep to push her up.

We had a brilliant time and I would definitely recommend it especially as I was really surprised by the price of entry. For a family of four, it cost £46.60 (without a donation) which is a lot less than we would pay at most other zoos.