Alternative Family Fun day out

It’s amazing what children think is a great day out. We spend so much money providing fun adventures to theme parks, soft play areas and zoos when they can have just as much fun doing something that we think of as a chore.On Sunday I headed out to get some new chest of drawers for my bedroom after the bottom fell out of my drawer for the millionth time. it is not something I find particularly fun and I hoped to get in and out as quickly as possible. Hubby wanted to stay at home so Elizabeth decided to stay with him. For some strange reason, the girl’s godfather enjoys window shopping in furniture stores so he came along with me and Alison.

I was expecting Alison to get bored really easily but she had a brilliant time, playing with the fantastic kitchen equipment and trying out all of the children’s beds. It is amazing how much fun a child can have jumping in and out of different beds.

It got me thinking about other free alternative days out. What do your kids enjoy doing that was unexpected?