All I want for Christmas is a card board box

When I spoke to the girls last year and they asked for a large box to play in for Christmas I was convinced that it would get left to one side for their other presents. We wrapped a large box full of balloons, bubble wrap and a bubble machine. The smiles when they opened it were amazing and they played with the balloons straight away. Over the next few days they danced on bubble wrap, jumped to catch bubbles and played in the box using their imaginations. Unfortunately we had to leave the box at my parents house when we traveled north just before New Year but it won’t be long before they get another box to play with.

We had a fantastic non commercial Christmas and the girls really enjoyed having alternative presents, things with thought and preparation rather than money. They loved their hampers, their den building kit and their box. They loved sprinkling reindeer food on Christmas eve and drinking Snowman soup in their Christmas mugs. They only had a few presents from us to open on Christmas day but they still had a fabulous day and it really did show me that you don’t need to spend a fortune for children to appreciate what they are given.