After one very stressful morning the Best Mum of The Year Award goes to me! #DanTDMTour

I had 5 different alarms set, I didn’t do any work from when I dropped off the kids at school until 10:05 am impatiently watching the clock and clicking F5 and I was double-checking dates and travel plans to ensure I knew exactly what tickets I would be buying. I had my phone, the iPad and my laptop all on the ticket website page just waiting for them to come available so I could grab them before they sold out, which I had no doubt would happen within minutes.
I don’t think there is anything as stressful as trying to make your kids happy and getting VIP tickets to the DanTDM tour was all the girls have been talking about since Dan made the tour announcement video on his youtube channel a days ago.I have met Dan twice now and the girls got to meet him at Insomnia last month but the idea of seeing him perform what he wants, with his pugs (Elizabeth will be very excited about that!) and the help of Dr Treyauraus I know it will be a spectacle well worth the strain it has placed on my Credit card. I have to say that I was actually really impressed with the price of the tickets and Dan has done an amazing job at making the tickets affordable.

Thankfully after all of the stress, my hard work paid off and we have VIP tickets for Milton Keynes which is the weekend before Alison’s 7th birthday and when they finish school today I will let them know, I can’t wait to see their faces!