Adding a touch of Autumn to your house with Lights4Fun

Sometimes all it takes to change the look and feel of your house is a few extra accessories and if, like me, you love Autumn then I have the perfect accessories to share with you. Lights4Fun sent me a variety of their Autumn Decorations to help to transform my front room.

The 2m Oak leaf garland shown around the TV on the above image can be wrapped around the mantlepiece, banister or more. It features faux acorns and leaves of various autumn colours. The garland has a sturdy frame that allows it to be reused over and over.

The 50cm oak leaf autumn wreath above is entwined with some micro LED lights to really make it stand out. With faux acorns and various coloured leaves that really bring autumn into your home.

This 50cm Autumn Twig Tree Micro Light bundle makes an amazing centre piece for your table or your window sill. With 20 micro lights entwined around the tree to give off a warm glow.

Lights4Fun also have a huge selection of pumpkin decorations including these brass mottled pumpkins that come in a trio. Unfortunately they are pretty fragile and sadly I broke one of them by knocking it off the side before I took a picture. These create a fantastic light pattern when lit up and use 3 x AAA batteries.

My favourite item from the Autumn decoration collection has to be the Truglow mottled orange led autumn candle trio. These LED candles give off a natural looking glow without the fire risk involved in real candles.

Adding these decorations to my house made it feel warmer, made it feel homelier and added a sense of tranquility to my evenings.