Actimel Family Fund – Give

At the end of 2013 I was chosen to receive £200 from the Actimel Family Fund to do something nice for others. Elizabeth and I came up with the idea that the children on her ward all get a lot because they are ill. They get a lot of attention and they get a lot of presents. If they have to have something horrible done they can also sometimes get a prize out of the surprise box. It got us thinking, what about their siblings. We have always been very aware of not leaving Alison out and have tried hard to ensure we could treat them fairly when we could but when on the ward that is hard. We used the money we received and the January sales to compile a selection of gifts that can be given to the siblings.
Its amazing what £200 can buy in a sale!

With a variety of ages and interests we went for small items that wouldnt take up too much room but that were good enough quality that the kids would actually want them. I hope that it brings many a smile to the kids faces.