A welcome sight

Its not often I write about reviewing somewhere before I have even left but after the horrible day I have had seeing that Novotel sign blinking at me from across the road was amazing.

Yes they didn’t realise I was here on the Christmas break

Yes they had to bring my survival pack and vouchers to my room but did I care? Not one bit.

After taking over 8 hours to leave Manchester and finally arrive in London on the public transport trip from hell the room at the Novotel was an amazing discovery. Do you realise that the toilet is separate from the bathroom? I mean how weird is that? and actually awesome if I was spending it with my husband who takes ages in the bathroom in the morning when I need a wee!

The bed looks comfy with extra pillows in the wardrobe and the sofa/sofabed is great for relaxing in the evening but what I love best is the free wifi and the desk. Here I am in the hotel looking through all the Mark Warner Mum entries that I will be judging in the morning in a comfy chair on a desk with Wifi. It may have taken a long time to get here but it was certainly worth it.

The Christmas survival pack provided really does think of the stresses involved in Chrstmas shopping and I look forward to seeing what my VIP pass at westfield entitles me too but for now the lure of the bath, the tv and the bed is calling me and after such a long and stressful day of cancelled trains, long taxi journeys and generous first class staff I am looking forward to laying down my head and drifting off to sleep.

Thank you Novotel. I needed something like you after this long stressful day.