A royal presence

On Wednesday whilst in London for the start of the Christmas in July season, I decided to walk the girls past Buckingham Palace. Although I grew up down south it is not somewhere I ever remember visiting as a child, so I wanted to give them the chance to see it.

We were in luck as for some reason, still unbeknown to us, there was a parade on so the guards were out in full action and the streets were lined with people as the horses came down the road. It was all rather spectacular. There was a congregation of people stood outside the doors to Buckingham Palace and I did hear rumours it was the Queen but unfortunately for us we were unable to see that far.
We continued on our journey and visited the press events we were in London to see which included one for Mothercare and the Early Learning Centre. It was hear that we were given a fabulous gift in our goody bags.
It was as though the royals were following us around for the day. I heard many snippets of conversations from journalists about Prince George’s upcoming birthday, the trends associated with that and what items they expect the young prince to get for his birthday. It seems that Early Learning Centre have already decided on a wooden rocking horse but at one years old a saucepan and a spoon would be just as welcome although maybe not by his parents.

Prince George has become a bit of a trend setter and an important figure to many although how a small baby who is in nappies can really have that much influence baffles me. Still it is definitely an ongoing subject that will be getting lots of media attention in the coming weeks. In fact just this week I have had two emails about Prince George turning one. The first one about the clothes he might wear and the second one this fabulous infographic from 888 ladies that shows just how baffling this whole phenomena has become. They have even created a very special promotion game for a very royal summer. 
It is pretty mental right? However the great thing about national phenomena like this is that there are special sales, offers and all sorts of weird celebration events going on up and down the country. I bet Prince George will have the most Birthday parties ever thrown for him even though he wont attend them. It is not all bad though and the abundance of cake could certainly be a good thing! So far it seems that we have had a very royal summer and one that will continue through the next few weeks.