A night away in London

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. A day of luxury, a day to myself.

Tomorrow daytime I am traveling first class on the train down to London to attend an afternoon PR event before heading to a gorgeous Novotel hotel near Waterloo. A night in a posh hotel including a glass of bubbly on arrival, a hearty breakfast and a VIP voucher to use at Westfield plus a Christmas survival bag and all before spending an afternoon in the Mark Warner offices helping to choose the bloggers who will become Mark Warner Mums with me.

I love traveling first class on the train, the leg room, the free refreshments and the wifi make using the train a pleasant experience and having access to the first class lounge before hand makes it even better. The thing i am looking forward to most though is having a gorgeous hotel bedroom to myself. Stretching out on the Queen sized bed, enjoying a lovely hotel shower in peace and quiet and maybe even watching a bit of telly without Hubby tutting at my choice of reality tv.
I do have a problem though. Unfortunately it is one I have come across a few times in the last few months and one that I have still not successfully solved. When traveling to London for a short amount of time and without the children I don’t want to drag a big suitcase behind me. I have currently borrowed a small suitcase from my Mum but I could really do with one of my own. It is only when I think about going places like this that I think how nice it would be to be able to have a lovely four wheeled medium sized case. That way I could fit all my goody bag loot inside too. Direct Luggage do some discount luggage for big brands and I even managed to find a gorgeous purple hardshell case for just £80. I wonder if I can drop some hints for Hubby?


I am not sure what my VIP voucher is for at Westfield but I hope that I can spend it on myself. I have already bought Hubby far too many presents and the kids have loads too although I cant seem to go shopping without buying them something. As I have still not managed to find a single present in this house that belongs to me I think I will have to start taking matters into my own hands and buy some for myself.

For now I am packing my borrowed suitcase for my night of luxury and wondered what you would do if you had an evening to yourself in a nice hotel?

Read a book?

Get some work done in peace and quiet?

Run down the corridor in a onesie?

Or maybe just a nice bath and an early night?

What would you do?

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