A Good nights sleep

As Tired Mummy of Two you can imagine that sleeping well is a big problem for me, not only do I have two little monsters who think waking mummy up at night is quite a fun past time but I also have a bad back which wakes me up at times due to being uncomfortable. Add to the fact I find it hard to actually fall asleep due to my bloggers brain, you know when you brain comes alive with brilliant ideas just as you are going to sleep (obviously they are completely forgotten by the time you wake up) I hardly ever get a good nights sleep.

If you saw my facebook status last week you would have seen that we ordered a memory foam mattress topper and it has been a blessing. My brain still won’t switch off and the kids still wake me up but at least my back isn’t causing me any problems.

It was really hard trying to decide on what sort of mattress or topper to go for. There was so many to choice from and so many places to buy from. One place that you can buy mattresses and toppers from is Bedstar click here to go to their website.

I purchased a 5″ memory foam topper which goes on top of our old mattress and it completely transformed the bed and how we sleep. It seemed like a much more sensible offer than a whole memory foam mattress which were quite expensive. I will have to let you know if it continues to be comfortable over the next few months but for this last week it has been a blessing.

Now if only I can work on getting the kids to sleep through.