A big week

For the last 29 and a bit weeks our life has been controlled by Elizabeth’s Leukemia. Mostly because of her hickman line.

She can’t have a bath easily.
She can’t shower.
She can’t swim.
She cant play rough.
She cant use climbing frames.
She cant get a high temperature.

Basically all I have been saying to her is “you cant do this because of wiggle”.

Well wiggle is coming out on Thursday. I don’t really know what to expect as it hasn’t been explained to me. I just know I have to starve her and have her there for 7:30am in the morning. I don’t know when she will be going into surgery or how long afterwards she will have to keep it dry but I am packing our swimming costumes to go to Butlins next week.

All the information I have read says that the removal of the line is a really quick and easy operation with them pulling the line out and leaving the cuff inside her. I hope it is as easy as it sounds although if she has a general she will still be a pain in the bum when she wakes up as she doesnt do well with anesthetic.

Not having wiggle will give her a whole new lease of life at Butlins and I know she is going to really enjoy going on the rides and doing all the things she couldnt do when we were there at Christmas.

We are very excited and the removal of wiggle also means some additions to the household. Yesterday we went to choose them. What do you think?