8 Tips to Look Stylish as a Mum

A lot of changes happen to your body after you become a mother. The weight gain and change in cup size could leave you with limited options to choose from in your wardrobe. In addition, you might have little time to take care of yourself and redefine your style. Between your job, feedings, diaper changes, house chores, and wifely duties, you are a tired mess at the end of the day. Juggling all these duties while battling the pressure to be physically attractive can take its toll on you. Here are some tips to help you look stylish as a new mum.

Buy lots of nice accessories

There is no shortage of days when you want to dress down. You may be taking a trip to the grocery store or picking up the kids from school. You can transform your plain t-shirt and jeans from drab to fab by adding a few accessories like a statement necklace or earrings. You could also tuck in your t-shirt and wear a statement belt.

Invest in comfy jeans

When in doubt, always reach for your favorite pair of jeans. A significant perk of wearing jeans is that you can style them with anything, be it a floral shirt or an oversized sweatshirt. Wearing jeans also makes your outfit look more intentional, even though you didn’t intend to look very dressy. However, it would be wise to wear fitted jeans to avoid looking sloppy.

Consider cutting your hair

Perhaps you have been sporting the same haircut for a decade and are craving a change. A haircut can drastically change how you look. Your stylist can take a few years off your face if done well. There isn’t a particular haircut for moms. All that matters is that your new cut will frame your face appropriately and make you look radiant.

Hunt for some stylish shoes

Similar to your body, your feet may expand after getting a baby. Looking at your beloved old shoes hurts, knowing you can’t wear them anymore. Now that you are trying to revamp your wardrobe, why not get yourself some stylish shoes to match? For instance, you could get some eye-catching high heels for special events and wear that dress that has always stayed in the dry cleaning bag. It would also help to get some cute sandals or loafers for days you need to run errands. 

Get some dry shampoo

Some women say that washing their hair feels very therapeutic. We understand you might not have enough time to wash your hair or dash to the beauty salon to have someone do it for you. That’s where dry shampoo comes in! You only need to squeeze a few pumps in your hands and run them through your greasy hair. Dry shampoo keeps your hair fresh and holds the fort till you have enough time to wash it properly.  

Go for a mani/pedi

Long nails look pretty but are not practical if you are dealing with little humans that make constant messes around the house. You might also have a hard time doing laundry and washing dishes. However, short nails can look pretty, too, when well maintained. It would help to drop the kids off at daycare or a trusted relative and get a mani/pedi to make your nails look presentable and cute. You will even feel better after you leave the salon with sparkly nails.

Wear clothes that flatter your current body shape

Your body has gone through multiple changes since you became a mom. Even if you lose weight, you might not return to your pre-baby shape. Therefore, the best action would be to find clothes that flatter you now. For instance, if you gained weight in your upper body and now have a pear shape, you can wear A-line dresses and turtle necks.

Make your makeup routine simple

Gone are the days when you would sit in front of your vanity mirror and apply makeup for close to two hours. Now you need more than two hours to prepare the kids and leave the house in order before you step out. However, you don’t have to give up your makeup routine entirely. You could simplify the steps so that you spend less time on makeup. Instead of a heavy foundation that requires lots of time to blend, you could buy a tinted moisturizer and apply a light concealer beneath to hide any blemishes.

Final thoughts

It is okay to feel out of it, especially if your baby is very young. However, it is important to practice self-care and get on the stylish bandwagon as soon as possible. We hope this article has provided practical tips to help you feel like your pre-partum self and step out in style daily.