70 days to my cruise, 70 days to lose weight

In 70 days I will be embarking on my very first Carnival cruise. I have always wanted to go on a cruise so this is a dream come true but there is a bit of a problem. I had hoped that by the time I stepped on to the Carnival Vista I would weigh less, be more in shape and look thinner. The problem is I have no willpower, I am completely lazy and just love food.

With 10 weeks to go, I am not allowing myself any excuses anymore. I am in charge of my body, how much it moves and what goes into it so only I am to blame for the fact that I am at the same weight now as I was back in December. That is 5 months where I have not lost weight and I can’t get those 5 months back. It is time I make a commitment to myself to not sabotage my hard work, to stick to plan and to finally shift all of this weight. There are no excuses, nothing should be able to get in my way and to ensure that I stick to this I am making a commitment to blog about this weight loss for the next ten weeks.

So this is day one and although my meals were perfect under the slimming world choice, full of speed food, I did also eat a fairly large homemade oat biscuit and I have no idea what was in it or how many syns it was so I am going to miss my Healthy B for today under the assumption it contained a fairly good amount of porridge oats!

Breakfast was a selection of speed food which included nectarines, peaches, oranges, and plums.

Lunch was a variety of vegetables, syn free homemade houmous, boiled eggs, and Surimi sticks.

Dinner was salmon, asparagus and new potatoes with 3 syns worth of light margarine on them.

I also placed an order for some summer clothes that would be too small for me at the moment which means I have to loose more weight or they won’t fit!

Wish me luck and keep the cake away.

70 days to cruise

2 and a half stone award