5 ways that kids have broken mobile phones


Mobile phones are an everyday essential to many people, and since we can do so much more with mobiles these days, almost everyone owns one.

The mobile phone repair call-out service iMend.com have recently collected data on the craziest ways that people have broken their mobile phones, and guess what? Kids are responsible for quite a few breaks!

Here are our 5 top picks!

Keep Out of Reach of Children

Kids are wonderful; some of the things they do and come out with melt your heart. Then you have the opposite side of the scale when you find your little one dropping your phone on the floor repeatedly as the screen cracks, again, and again. Toy hammers and phones, hey, they must look the same 😉

Who Said Kids Don’t Cost? If you are a parent you know full-well that kids cost you money, and with technology getting better, the prices continue to climb. One mother decided to give her daughter a bit of a telling off when she wasn’t doing her homework, and like any teenage daughter gave her mum some lip back. Her mum then reacted by slamming the door, vibrating a phone off a bedside table onto the tiles, smashing the screen. Oops!

Brotherly Love… Brothers and Sisters are renowned to never get on, but sometimes that line is crossed, and for this Sister it was a line that had a paddling pool the other side of it; “During the summer my darling brother tried to throw me in the kids paddling pool, my phone went flying out my hand and landed on a concrete sitting area and completely smashed! I’m still annoyed with him”

Excited by Technology We all know the excitement of getting a new phone as adults, you turn into big kids. So, imagine how kids act when they see a phone. This lady found out: “My friends little girl was playing on mine and she got a bit too excited and bit into my phone and smashed my screen it was the first time I met her.”

Nappy Disaster! This super smash isn’t for the feint-hearted so if you are eating anything, put it down right now!

This is one sticky situation:

“When my daughter was a baby, my hubby was changing a particularly pooey nappy. We’re talking green. It was awful. Really, really awful. I was trying to distract her by leaning over her and doing the typical mum thing cooing.

My phone was in the pocket of my shirt. I mean….you can just guess what happened right? For those lacking in imagination. It fell straight into the nappy. The aforementioned pooey green nappy. I actually wretched. May have cried even. I didn’t try to retrieve or fix it. Didn’t fancy that right by my face every day!”

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