5 great ways to make life with disabled kids easier

Your disabled kids might be your most treasured and loved possessions in the whole world, but that doesn’t mean that your life’s always easy.  Caring for your kids might be taking its toll on you, so anything you can do to make your life better could help you recover some energy and make your day to day living experience more comfortable.  Here are 5 ways you can make your life easier without lowering the quality of your care.

1 – Disability Vehicle

Your kids might want to be more adventurous than you can currently allow them to be because your transport isn’t particularly accommodating to their needs.  That’s why you should consider purchasing or leasing a mobility vehicle like the ones available from Allied Mobility which will solve your problem of getting around.

2 – An Extra Helping Hand

Although sometimes it can feel as though you’re alone in your effort to support your family, there are plenty of initiatives and registered charities out there which are capable of offering both financial and non-financial support.  As an example, take a look at Carers UK – they’re a great community of care givers and experts who can give you information and advice on where you can receive an extra helping hand.

3 – Activities and Exercise

Many people think that there aren’t many activities, clubs or sports which directly cater to disabled people, but the truth is far from this.  There are plenty of sports which cater exclusively to disabled people, and there is also a range of general sporting and non-sporting clubs which are disability-inclusive, meaning you can relax while your loved ones have fun.

4 – An Accessible Home

You can make your life much simpler by making some basic alterations to your home.  For example, you could begin by installing ramps and rails at every available space, and by changing certain pieces of furniture to be more wheelchair-accommodating, for example, a shower with a seat in it is more practical than a bath, and will save you a lot of stress and hassle on a daily basis.

5 – A supportive School

Care doesn’t end when your kids go to school.  The school that you send your kids to can make a significant difference to their quality of care, and to the rest you receive while they’re there.  There are pros and cons to selecting a school for disabled people versus a regular school, but wherever you take your kids, ensure they have good caring facilities and appropriately trained members of staff.