5 decluttering tips that can increase your productivity

We all know that getting distracted can really hamper your productivity and even as I sit here writing a post on how to declutter to be productive I find myself distracted all the stuff that is surrounding me.

1) Declutter your brain

Ok so this isn’t so much of a physical declutter but it is one of the most important. A decent to do list with clear objectives can calm the mind and make tackling each task easier. Why not start by adding your decluttering actions on there and tick them off as you go.

2) Tackle the paperwork

When the piles of paper on my desk spread I know it is time to get organised again. A concertina file is perfect for storing nearly every type of paperwork. Whether you are keeping receipts, filing invoices or just organising your household bills and letters, a concertina file can be used to help you to declutter your life and make it easy to find things when you need them.

3) Sell your clutter and use the money for something nice

Having less stuff around you is good for your mental health and the more clutter that surrounds you, especially as you work, can really impact on your productivity. Having an incentive to have a clear out can really help so plan a nice treat and use Ziffit.com to sell your books, dvds, blurays, cds and video games. I know I have bookcases full that I don’t use.

4) Box up your clothes

Take three boxes or bags, in the first put everything you want to keep and you use, in the second put everything you want to keep but not worn in the last six months and in the last put everything else. Everything in box one needs organising and putting away, everything in box two needs storing in the loft or similar and everything in box three can be donated to charity. When doing this be ruthless, do you really need to keep those shoes from five years ago, ten coats you don’t wear and your old favourite jeans you will never be able to squeeze into again.

5) Throw out thinks with no value

We all get a bit sentimental about things but you really shouldn’t keep things that aren’t necessary or vital to your existence. Gaming Daddy of Two has a mini disk player in his bedside table, he has had it since we got together and yet never used it. Things like this should be the first to go. If you think someone might use it then donate it to charity, if not the tip may be the best place for it.

After these five tips you should be well on the way to a clutter free and productive life. Now I just need to put these into action in my own house and my life would be much more zen like.