4 Common Questions About Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are very popular, but they are also something people have a lot of questions about, they have been I the news for various reasons over the years and they are also advertised and even sold over the phone. It is only natural people have questions and here are 4 of the most common ones and more importantly here are the answers to those questions.

What is a pre-paid funeral plan?

It is important not to confuse planning a funeral with a funeral plan. One is simply making some kind of plan for when you pass away the other is a financial product that allows you to prepay for your funeral as well as plan the location and all the details. A pre-paid funeral plan can be a very important bit of financial planning to help remove any worry and stress for loved once when you die. Be aware, however, there are good and bad funeral plans as there are good and bad options with most things especially financial products. Opt for a provider who is on the approved list with the Funeral Planning Authority for the safest option.

How Much Per Month is a Funeral Plan?

Without being facetious the old adage “how long is a piece of string” is quite apt here. As with most things you can spend lots and you can spend a lot less, but you often get what you pay for. Monthly costs range widely because the overall costs do too. Some plans will offer a lump sum, others pay agreed amounts to the different funeral services. Some pay a portion of the total; others pay the total. However, generally funeral plan monthly costs start at around £20-30 per month. The cost, however, depends on the type of plan, the provider and the age of the person taking it out.

Are Funeral Plans Worth Buying?

Generally, yes. But as with most things, it depends on the person and circumstances. The advantages of a pre-paid funeral plan are many. They reduce the financial burden you leave when you die, they reduce the stress on loved ones when you die. They allow you to plan your own funeral and rest safe in the knowledge it is all organised and paid for and it will be done as per your wishes. However, for some people, they may simply not care and have a family that is financially able to cope with the costs. Other people may feel death is certainly the end and a quick ask scattering is ample but it is important to understand even the simplest of cremations can cost a lot of money so it is advisable to research it before leaving the cost to those who remain behind after you are gone.

How do Pre-paid funeral plans work?

A lot of financial products are quite complex but the core part of a funeral plan is actually quite simple. The money paid to a funeral provider is then used to purchase a whole of life insurance policy on behalf of the policyholder or put into a trust, so they do not actually keep the money for legal reasons. At the same time, the provider organises all the parts of the funeral and agrees on these with funeral directors and other services. The commitment is from the provider to make sure the funeral goes ahead as planned and using the agreed money. Once the agreed sum is paid it is all organised and in place. Even if the costs go up during your lifetime the commitment stands so the risk is carried by the provider.


Ultimately talking about, paying for and planning one’s own funeral is not a cheerful subject but it is an important one. By taking some time and some money to get a pre-paid funeral plan in place that is approved by the FPA and within budget can offer a lot of peace of mind. But the real advantage is that loved ones do not have to second guess what you wanted your funeral to be like, they don’t have to pay for it and can get on with celebrating your life and mourning your loss.