3 things never to say to a tired mummy of two

Being a mum involves many joyful moments but it would be dishonest to say it doesn’t at times tire you out completely. When you’re feeling exhausted, it’s important to still manage to find some time for yourself and to find ways to delegate tasks at home whenever you can. It’s even more true in the winter months when cold temperatures outside are forcing the kids inside and you have to find even more ways to keep them busy without cluttering up the house. In those (somewhat) stressful moments, there are a few things never to be pronounced in front of a tired mum…

  1. “What small eyes you have! Do you even sleep at night?!”

Yes, of course getting the sleep you need can be difficult at times, especially if you have a toddler. However, getting enough sleep is vital for you and your kids’ safety too. As well as making you feel grumpy, sleep deprivation can be really dangerous as you will not be able to focus and function normally during everyday activities that require your full attention such as driving. What to do if you still can’t sleep well? Avoid coffee and watching television or being in front of the computer whenever you feel tired. Try and find some time during the day to nap: even 20min micro naps have proven to be beneficial.

  1. “You look so tired, it’s OK to think about botox before 30, you know?”

Cosmetic treatments are becoming so popular many average women and mums have jumped on the botox bandwagon. While techniques have improved and are now more subtle and longer-lasting, if you’re not ready for it, there are plenty of other alternatives and makeup tricks to make you feel glamorous. That’s when mastering the art of concealing those dark eyes, contouring and perfecting your complexion come into play. But when time is running out, some quick tips can achieve that healthy glow without sweating it: a splash of cold water on your face after waking up will reduce redness and puffiness and a little 2in1 illuminator cream will do wonders to replace both your moisturiser and your usual foundation.

  1. “What are you even wearing, did you just come back from the gym?”

Some days, it’s totally OK not to find the time to put on anything else than those dodgy leggings found in a pile next to the bed when you woke up this morning, before starting off yet another busy day taking care of the kids around the house. You don’t need to feel guilty for not looking your best for the others. However, you do need to take some time out for yourself when you feel things are spiralling out of control. And sometimes, a little bit of shopping therapy is all you need to feel good about yourself once again.