100 Millionaires will be made tonight!

I don’t play the lottery very often and somehow it has managed to skip my attention that tonight the UK is braced for a millionaire-making frenzy with 100 butlers fine-tuning their skills in preparation.  EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle guarantees to create 100 millionaires here in the UK on Friday night, all of who will potentially need to have a butler on hand to help transform their lifestyle.

Research conducted by The National Lottery revealed that more than eight out of ten people would snap up some further home help, especially with a million in the bank.  The British public would place answering calls (49%), queuing (31%), reversing the car (16%) and walking pets (15%) on their butlers to do list.  In addition 7% would have their butler clipping their toenails!

It got me thinking what I would do with a million pounds and I think I would be sensible and buy houses and cars for the family as well as set up trust funds for the kids. Just need to go and buy some tickets now!

Camelot UK Lotteries has created a fun video of 100 butlers.

Please note, in the UK the minimum age limit for playing Euro Millions is 16.