10 Unique Celebration of Life Ideas

Are you organising a personal celebration of life for a loved one and searching for inspiration? No need to look any further. Below, you’ll find 10 wonderful ideas of what you can do to make a ceremony of life unforgettable and filled with details of your dear loved one.

Plant a Tree

Plant a memorial tree seedling with all the guests in honour of the deceased. You can do it in your backyard or find and purchase designated land. This tree will be a reminder of your loved one’s legacy for generations to come.

Make a Tribute Slideshow

Combine photos and videos featuring your loved one throughout the years into a touching slideshow with a funeral slideshow maker. Complement it with their favourite music as an extra touch. Watch the slideshow during the celebration of life ceremony with all the family, friends, and acquaintances.  

Create a Recipe Book

Did your loved one enjoy cooking? Did they leave behind recipes for their favourite dishes before they passed away? You can create a cookbook with some of their special recipes and send copies to family and friends.

Name a Star in Their Memory

An extraordinary way to honour a loved one who has passed away is to name a star after them. Then, you can just borrow a telescope or visit the observatory with all the guests and find that star in the sky.

Organise a Foodie Fête

Consider planning a memorial gathering around your loved one’s favourite foods, whether they were a culinary professional, a devoted home baker, or someone who simply enjoyed nice food. Cook recipes that the deceased loved and share them with others. Serve their favourite drinks so that family and friends can toast to their honour.

Set Off Fireworks

What better way to commemorate life than with fireworks? Gather with family and friends and watch this lighting show in honour of a loved one who has passed away. If you want to go more creative, some companies are now selling cremation fireworks, which allow you to incorporate your loved one’s cremated remains into the pyrotechnics.

Make a Balloon or Lantern Release

Give the guests some Sharpies and ask them to write a favourite memory about the deceased loved one. Then, just fill them with helium and lift the balloons to the heavens. Alternatively, you can choose a bit more eco-friendly way. Just release lanterns with a little note on them and light up the night sky in honour. 

Get Tattoos

Nowadays, getting a tattoo is a common way to honour a loved one. For those who are interested, host a tattoo party in which each participant designs a tattoo that symbolises someone they miss. Then, just go to the tattoo studio together!

Make a Quote Board

Prepare a large chalkboard or corkboard and invite guests to write down their favourite words that your loved one said to them. Seeing all those words scrawled on the board, whether it’s a life motto, a piece of advice they gave, or a joke they loved to tell, will bring back happy memories.

Give Their Clothing to Charity

If you don’t want to keep or get rid of their clothes, you can always donate them to charity. Simply search for a donation centre in your neighbourhood and give their things a new life.


There is no single perfect way to honour the memory of a deceased loved one. Whatever you decide, while planning a celebration of life ceremony, just make it personal and positive, so they would appreciate it. We hope this list of ideas will inspire you and give you some food for thought.